1) To begin the game each team rolls the dice. The highest number of the dice roll calls heads or tails during the coin flip of the coin provided. 

2) Each player on either offense or defense can pick 1 playing card every 4 downs. 

3) On 4th down, the team with the ball can either try to go for a touchdown or attempt a field goal. 

4) If the offense or defense picks a playing card, either side can challenge the play by throwing the challenge flag and rolling the challenge dice. 

5) A touchdown is worth 6 pts, then kicking the extra point from the 35 yard line is worth 1 point. 

6) A field goal is worth 3 points. 

7) Any team trying an onside kick must roll the dice. Any doubles is a successful onside kick. Then they will receive the ball on the 50 yard line. An unsuccessful onside kick, the other team gets the ball on the 50 yard line. 

8) The game is 4 quarters with each quarter being 15 minutes long. Use a timer for keeping time. Stop the timer for time outs. 

9) Each team receives 3 timeouts per half. 

10) Each team receives 2 challenges per game. If the challenge is ruled in favor of the team challenging the call, that team receives a 3rd challenge. 

11) Whichever team has the most points at the end of the game is declared the winner.